This website serves to act as a pictorial of the many Military and Civilian Challenge Coins that exist today as well as to promote the hobby of challenge coin collecting.  Please look through the site and enjoy!

Challenge coin collecting is a hobby that I picked up during my late years of military service.  Some of the coins shown were presented or awarded to me, while the vast majority are coins that I acquired during years of collecting.

If you have any Senior Civilian, Senior Military, or Patch shaped coins that are not pictured or any coins that you would like to see pictured on this website that you believe would preserve the history of challenge coins and promote the hobby of challenge coin collecting, please contact me to work out the details. 

I would very much like to document the history of each coin so if you can add more information on the history of a coin pictured, please email me with that information and I will add it to this site.

thanks and enjoy.

                               COINS PICTURED ARE NOT FOR SALE OR TRADE

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